About the artist’s work. 
Antonia Aimini considers herself a ‘socio-critical’ painter, since she often ridicules themes that are provocative, challenging or politically incorrect. She enjoys observing the attitudes of people of diverse cultures towards conventional stereotypes and portrays subjects that some might find uncustomary. Aimini’s paintings reflect insight and have a strong visual impact on the beholder.

Antonia Aimini was born in North Italy on October 12th 1967 of Italian-English parents. Educated in England, her childhood years were spent between Milan and London, giving her a cultural background that is part Latin, part Anglo-Saxon. She completed her high school education in Switzerland, specializing in Art, Art History and Modern Languages. Between 1986 and 1990 Aimini studied Design and Architecture (BFA) at Parsons School of Design in Paris. After completing her degree, she worked in the field of architecture and also participated in design and architectural competitions.

In the Spring of 1992 Antonia Aimini was given the opportunity to work in Japan as an assistant to the contemporary Dutch artist, Rob Scholte, who had been commissioned to produce a figurative mural painting in acrylic, measuring 1200 square meters, as part of a vast new Japanese theme park project, “Huis ten Bosch”, located in Kyushu. Her initial assignment was to apply her architectural skills in transferring small scale model drawings on to the life size dome and walls of the atrium in a reconstruction of the Dutch Royal Palace in The Hague. This project became Aimini’s first experience of large scale painting and represented the transition from architecture to painting.

In the summer of 1993 Antonia Aimini went back to Paris to dedicate herself full time to painting. In 1994 she returned to Parsons School of Design and completed the final two years of Fine Arts as a non-degree student. She has since exhibited in France, Italy, Austria, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Bulgaria and Romania with acquisitions in Italy, UK, France, Netherlands and the USA.  She currently resides in North Italy.